Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith serving Greensboro, NC

You get home after a long day and pat your pockets down to find your keys – but you can’t find them. You try your bag, your car – nothing. Finally, you remember where you left your house keys: sitting on the kitchen table in your locked house.

When that happens, don’t fret, and don’t take drastic measures. Call Steve Stanley and Triad Lock & Key LLC! A fully qualified residential locksmith, Steve can handle your emergency situation. He’s also on hand for more routine services like lock re-keying, deadbolt installation, and safe combination changes.
Residential Locksmith Greensboro, NC

Emergency Locksmith Services

Make no mistake: your safety and that of your family is resting on the strength of your door locks. Steve always keeps this in mind when he takes on residential jobs. He makes sure that he uses the latest, most secure technology, whether he’s re-keying locks, installing new deadbolts, or simply letting a family back into their house.

In addition to these typical services, Steve can also change the combination on any safes you might have. Whether it’s a fire safe, gun safe, or burglar-proof safe, you know how essential it is to have a secure combination. Steve can replace the combination if the old one has been compromised, which is usually much easier and more convenient than replacing the entire safe.

No matter what you need, from emergency lockout service to deadbolt installation, trust our emergency locksmith Steve to handle it all. Triad Lock & Key LLC is at your service day and night for emergencies, and we offer extended hours for non-emergency service. Call us today if you need our help!
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